West Fork Grinding Services

Mainline Grinding

This process involves grinding the entire driving or road surface. The entire road is ground or planed to a new improved extremely smooth and extremely quiet surface. This process extends the current pavement life cycle while eliminating costly complete reconstructions and or asphalt overlays.

Bump Grinding

This process repairs irregular areas in the road surface pertaining to bumps, dips, faulted panels or other pavement irregularities in spot locations. It’s done on new pavements or existing pavements. Its also an inexpensive way to correct problem areas on older pavements as well. It can be done in a fairly quick manner thus leading to very minor traffic inconveniences.



This process grooves longitudinal grooves into new pavement surfaces. Primarily done on new bridge approaches and new bridges or bridge deck overlays. It produces a quiet ride while improving surface textures which significantly improves skid resistance which helps cars/trucks in braking to avoid accidents.


This process measures roughness on new or existing roads. Or what the general public will feel while driving on any particular road. This process can help identify problem areas which can be corrected with bump grinding. It also can provide an profile index of an existing road that is to be ground while also giving us a final profile to show any DOTs, counties, and municipalities that we have indeed met there specifications.